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We are the company with many years tradition in working of steel and mechanics. The beginning of our activities dates back to the 80's, when we were involved in production of agricultural machinery.

Since then our products have reached buyers from the whole of Poland. For over 15 years we have specialised in working of stainless and non-corrosive steel.

We produce equipment for food processing industry and also furniture from stainless and non-corrosive steel. Hard work, new experiences and knowledge have brought the expected results we can be proud of today


WIEJAK Sp. z o.o.
13-100 Nidzica
Litwinki 16

WIEJAK Sp. z o.o. Litwinki 16, 13-100 Nidzica | NIP: 9840125613 | +48 89 625 69 50 |

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